BASIC SKILLS TRAINER 20 Март 2015, 13:54

Safe, Effective Training for the Javelin Anti-Tank Missile Forces

Cubic is a proud supplier of Basic Skills Trainers and student and instructor stations for the Javelin Field Tactical Trainer.

Cubic’s Basic Skills Trainer provides critical classroom training for Javelin, the world’s first man-portable fire-and-forget medium-range missile system. The Javelin trainers teach military gunners how to effectively operate the missile system in a safe, realistic environment.
To date, Cubic has produced over 1,800 Javelin devices as part of the Raytheon-Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture.

Javelin Field Tactical Trainer

The Javelin Field Tactical Trainer includes
a Command Launch Unit (CLU) and a
directed MILES laser capable of MILES pairing – recording a near miss, hit or kill –
up to 3,000 meters on the training range or in force-on-force scenarios. The laser is
directed by the system tracker after lock-on.