Innovation through Collaboration at Biannual ICADS Meeting

Cubic is the world leader in Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS) and is dedicated to continually improving its products' performance and customer experience. Earlier this month Cubic hosted its 5th Biannual ICADS International Users’ Group meeting. The meeting offers ICADS users from around the world an opportunity to meet with the United States Air Force and Cubic Global Defense to share their feedback and requirements.
All Cubic’s ACTS include Individual Combat Aircrew Display System (ICADS) software. Cubic’s ICADS software is an advanced Windows-based aircrew combat display and debrief system operated globally. This state of the art software provides real-time monitoring and control, which allows users to communicate with pilots, control simulated threats, and fire simulated weapons in real-time. ICADS is a product that was developed and is maintained through continual dialogue with pilots, range managers, testers and evaluators. It continues to evolve through internal funding, customer funded upgrades, customer feedback, and biannual ICADS Users' Group meetings.
Over the years, these collaborations have lead to major enhancements including:
Live monitoring capabilities
Flexible integration of air and ground players
Increase in the number of aircraft participating in the exercise
Weapon Hypothesizer
Electronic warfare range integration
During the two-day event this month, aircrew and ICADS operators were given the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of new features and innovative uses of existing features, which included:
Interface updates
The addition of “constructive” threats into the scenario
A timeline view of events which allow users to jump to an event during debriefing
A shot log that simplifies shot assessment and reconstruction, saving users time
Merging of F-22 Time Space Position Information (TSPI) data
Integration with Google earth to enable a better view of air-ground integrated training
Cubic values the collaboration and input from its customers. It is their experiences operating ICADS at air ranges around the world that allow our engineers to constantly innovate and improve these critical training systems. The ICADS International Users’ Group is open to all ICADS users.